Leaving you free to invigorate your business

Why do you need Tonic Virtual Assistant Services?

You have a real talent for what you do, and you’re doing it. Your business is bubbling along and you’re at the point where you need to give yourself the freedom to continue to grow by doing what you do best. And let’s be honest, that’s not the administrative tasks that are necessary but don’t provide a clear profit.

You could be losing out on some great opportunities if you’re missing calls, being late in responding to email or digital enquiries, or spending "flat" time, making arrangements or doing admin and research that Tonic Virtual Assistant Services could handle on your behalf.

Never have enough hours in the day and struggling with work/life balance? Maybe you’re stretching yourself too thin and need some refreshment? Outsource the admin and give yourself a bigger slice of life. Tonic Virtual Assistant Services can assist you with your personal life as well as your business.

Employing your own PA or Administrator is a large outlay for a growing business. It’s not just a salary; consider those additional costs such as tax, insurances, benefits, training, and infrastructure such as office space and IT equipment. And how do you cover when they’re on holiday or off sick?

With Tonic Virtual Assistant Services you decide how much help you need and pay a fixed price without the additional overheads.

Client Testimonials

My first task when working with Tania was to review an element of our support operations. Tania was a huge help; patiently going above and beyond. We worked together several times from then on. Each time Tania was reliable, organised and had full knowledge of the key details. Despite working under pressure, Tania was always extremely personable and professional.
Craig D
I have worked with Tania for several years and have always found her to be a consummate professional in everything she does. If Tania is given a task it is always bought in on time, professionally delivered, error free and with fantastic insight. Tania can analyse data or a situation and devise a way forward that others may not have considered. I have seen several projects and initiatives driven forward due to her tenacity and professional approach. The above has led to trust that a project will be delivered on time, accurately and professionally. All this is assisted by Tania's level headed and friendly nature.
Justyn P
Having worked with Tania I’ve found her to be highly professional and incredibly effective. Tania always knew every process inside out and always had a warm smile and encouraging words for people she works with.
Martin Richardson
Clean Energy Living Ltd.
I’ve worked with Tania for several years and would definitely recommend her. She has many qualities so I can't list them all - Tania is very efficient and organized, has an excellent can-do attitude and is really passionate about not only 'getting stuff done' but also making sure it's done quickly and correctly.
Mark M
I can confirm Tania is loved by customers and is a consummate professional. Her success is due to her work ethic, excellent communication and customer focus.
Paul G
Tania is dedicated and tenacious, always looking to improve herself, and the experience for customers. I've worked with Tania on numerous projects, and have always been impressed with her positive, can-do attitude. Tania has a tonne of experience which she can transfer to anything she turns her hand to.
Chris R
Tania is hardworking, driven, reliable and trustworthy. She is able to work under pressure and always goes above and beyond to get the job done! Any clients of hers will be amazed at level of service they will receive, and her attention to detail!
Tracy F