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Personal Assistant & Secretarial Services

Inbox CleansePrice from :£350

Does your Inbox have control of you rather than the other way around? Not having control of it can lead to overwhelm, you have no idea where to find what you need. You don't respond quickly enough, and leave less important things to do "one day", which, let's face it, willl never come.

Tonic will help you to regain control by working with you to cleanse your Inbox and prioritise what's there. Using your criteria we'll unsubscribe, delete, archive and give your a clear deck to work with. We'll set up rules and leave you with the knowledge to be able to manage your Inbox more effectively in the future.

Pricing starts from £350 for Inboxes containing

Meeting Organisation & MinutingPrice from :£405

Meeting agendas and minutes are an extremely effective way of ensuring that conversations stay on track, time is used productively, and all parties understand their actions. However if you're chairing or contributing to a meeting then organising agendas, recording apologies and taking minutes is difficult, if not impossible, to do.

Tonic can help you to get the most out of your meetings by working with you to create agendas, book locations, attend and take minutes, then distribute the minutes and actions accordingly.

Pricing starts from £405.00 for a 60 minute online meeting.

Audio and Video TranscriptionPrice from :£135

Transcription isn't just for the Medical and Legal professions! Having a transcript of your podcast or video allows accessibility for a much larger audience, for example those hard of hearing, or those where English isn't there first language. It also improves your SEO! If you offer HR outsourcing you'll know that meeting transcriptions are vitally important, particularly for greivance hearings.

Tonic offers transcription services for both audio and video recordings to help you with your outreach and record-keeping. We speak, read, and write real English, and will make sure your context comes through.

Pricing starts from £135 for 60 minutes of audio transcription.

Business Proof-ReadingPrice from :£25

Spelling and grammar checkers are fine, but will only get you so far. They're machines, they don't understand context. You want to be confident that what you're putting out to your clients is accurate and understandable. Don't forget - many spam filters look for spelling errors.

Tonic offers an English-as-first-language service to check your important copy, correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, syntax grammar and formatting.

Pricing starts from £25 for 1000 words.

Productivity AuditingPrice from :£180

Feel like you're doing a lot of "busy-work" and not really getting anywhere fast? It's easy to keep putting a sticky plaster on things just to help you get over them in the moment - we all do it - but how is that impacting your productivity, and your profitability?

Tonic offers a two hour call to discuss what takes up your day, the processes you currently have, and identify any problem situations. We'll then take that information away and come back to you with our recommendations for improvement. This may be areas such as additional software, training, and not forgetting the human skills such as setting boundaries.

Where we can help you by offering you a service to help, we will. Any service would be at an additional cost, which we will quote, but you are under no obligation to accept our offer.

Online Event Organisation
General Administration

Monthly Packages

  • Try us out!Boost£200per month5 HoursVA SupportAvailable for initial month only.*
  • Refresh£350per month10 HoursVA Support per MonthCarry unused hours forward to the following monthMinimum 3 month contract
  • Invigorate£680per month20 HoursVA Support per MonthCarry unused hours forward to the following monthMinimum 3 month contract
  • Strengthen£1320per month40 HoursVA Support per MonthCarry unused hours forward to the following monthMinimum 3 month contract

*Our Boost offer is for one month only. Any subsequent contract will be subject to a 10+ hour contract on a minimum 3 month retainer. Unused hours from the Boost package will not be refunded but will be carried forward to the first month of any new contract.

If the above packages don’t suit you, let’s have a chat and put together a package of 10 hours per month or more that will give you the value you need.

Tonic’s work is priced fairly and competitively; however, discounts may be available for longer term contracts.